How to Create the Delivery Application

Delivery Applications

Modern man is overloaded with business and seeks to save time. That's why a variety of delivery services are so in demand. If you plan to develop such a business, consider developing a mobile application for a delivery service. Mavinx implements such a project and will provide the maximum effect of the application for your business. Let's see what mobile delivery apps give businesses. Why delivery service mobile app? People are increasingly buying and ordering services via smartphone. It is faster, more convenient and easier than a long search for information, choice of options and talking on the phone. Marketing research and the experience of hundreds of companies show that more than 50% become regular customers of the delivery service they contacted for the first time. How are these two facts related? Everything is very simple. The smartphone application is one of the best ways to attract solvent customers and make them loyal. And you should use this tool.

How it works?

  • Step one. You offer a useful service - the delivery of clean water, food, documents and anything else.
  • Step two. Attracting customers for your business. To do this, you can use the tools of online and offline advertising, including mobile applications.
  • Step Three. Retention of customer base. Mobile services play a key role here. If the client has your application in the smartphone, why should he look for another delivery service? Most of us in this situation will simply turn to those with whom we have already worked.
  • Result: your company will save a large amount on marketing expenses, and attracting one client will be much cheaper. Agree, a very tempting prospect.

The Mavinx team will create a functional and efficient application for you. To make sure, look at one of the implemented projects in our portfolio. We made the Gassap Delivery application for the gasoline delivery service in the USA. This is “Uber for Refueling.” Orders the right amount of gasoline. The refueling tanker who arrives refills gasoline, closes the tank and deducts payment from the client’s account. The application has a function of “gas station schedule”. With its help, you can order a gas station, for example, in the mornings on Thursday and Saturday.

How to order application development?

Cooperation with us will be simple and convenient. To get started, call or email us. Tell us about your business, its needs and expectations from the application. We will offer the concept of the application, a set of functions and together with you will approve the terms of reference with the technical characteristics of the future application. Having agreed upon the price and other organizational issues, we proceed to the development of the application and testing. As a result, the customer receives a reliable and functional application for iOs and Android. For all products we give a guarantee of 6 months. Call and write to us! Mavinx apps are the secret weapon for your business.