Applications for working with Bluetooth devices

Applications for working with Bluetooth devices

A smartphone is not only a means of communication, it can also be a control panel for a variety of devices. Fitness bracelets, watches, trackers and dozens of different devices can be connected to a mobile phone.

Developing an application for a Bluetooth device is an important step in the strategy of promoting a future product. Thanks to the online service, gadgets controlled from the phone can be quickly and easily configured, control their work, save information from them.


Bluetooth App


The Mavinx team is developing mobile applications for iOs and Android for managing Bluetooth devices. The principle of operation of such services is simple:

  • A user buys a device. It can be a fitness bracelet, watch, receptionist or kitchen appliance.
  • The instructions for the device must have a link to the application to control the gadget via a smartphone.
  • The user follows the link, downloads the application and connects the gadget to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection and proceeds to configure devices via the mobile application.
  • The next step is to use the device for its intended purpose. During application, the application provides the ability to control work, save time, etc.


Sample mobile application from Mavinx


The Mavinx team has implemented an original project of this type. We have a Well done bluetooth app in our portfolio. This software product allows you to work with a culinary thermometer and prepare dishes by finely controlling the roasting.

There is a function for selecting dishes. Having found the right one, the user receives recommendations on the cooking temperature, recipe and the ability to control the cooking time.

This is not all the features of the gadget and device.


Order an application for a Bluetooth device


Applications of this category are widely used in everyday life, industry and construction. We create products for various technical and marketing tasks. Successful work begins with a correctly formulated request.

Write or call us to discuss the problem. Tell us about a technical problem, and we will offer an effective solution.

The next stage is the development of technical specifications. This document spells out the requirements for the design and features of the application. When all the details are agreed, we begin programming.

The finished application passes the testing phase. At this stage, we check all the elements for operability and eliminate the defects found.

After the work is completed, we publish the application on the platforms iOs, Android. From this moment, a six-month warranty on the application is valid.

Still have questions? Write and call us! The Mavinx team is ready to implement your project at the highest level.



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