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Mobile application development for tourism

Anna Ivanova


Millions of people constantly buy tickets, book hotels, rent cars.

The development of mobile applications for tourism is one of the most effective ways to enter this market or improve your position in it. Travel apps order: · Hotels and hotels; · Tour operators; · Room reservation services; · Sites for planning independent travels; · Travel agencies; · Excursion search services; · Sites for car rental. If you are starting a tourism and travel business, an offer from the Mavinx team will be interesting to you.

Creating applications for tourists and travelers

Travelers are a special audience. These are modern, active people who value accurate information and convenience. They are making more and more purchases online. Use their mobile devices for this. For large and medium-sized companies operating in the field of tourism, a mobile application has become a necessity. It is being developed as an indispensable part of a promotion strategy. · Often the design of the application is consistent with the design of the company's website; · The application is used to send promotions and special offers to customers; · Many applications have the function of subscribing to company pages on social networks. · Applications can be a valuable feedback channel that can help improve your service and products. A well-thought-out idea allows you to increase the effectiveness of all marketing tools that the company uses and make the brand itself more recognizable and memorable. All this helps to attract more customers, retain already attracted and receive more profit.

Mobile application development for tourists. How does this happen?

If you want to order a mobile application for tourism, just write to us or call. We will make the process as simple as possible for you. · The main thing in the work is the idea. We start with the formation of a concept. The Mavinx team offers the principle of the application, its "chips", functionality and design. We will also analyze the solutions used by competitors. · Having clarified all the details of the concept, we are developing the terms of reference for the application. In it we indicate all the main characteristics of the application. Thanks to this document, the customer will be able to control the quality of work. We clearly define the deadline and prescribe all the functions of the future application and other important parameters. · Only then does programming begin. For most projects, we are developing versions for iOs and Android. This allows you to increase your reach and attract more users to your brand. · We work in detail all the elements of the application: design, feature set, administrative panel. The customer will receive a working marketing tool, and the user will receive a useful application that makes his life more comfortable. This is the secret to the success of any project. We make all applications as functional and useful as possible. · All software products require testing. Before releasing applications to platforms, we test their performance and stability. We quickly eliminate all identified errors. · After testing, the Mavinx team will present the application to the customer and publish it on platforms for mobile services. We provide a six-month warranty on all applications! During this period, we will quickly and for free fix the problems found after the launch. Email us to discuss the price and details of a future project. We will create a service that will become your key to business success.

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