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Mavinx Mobile Application Development for Business and Startups

Anna Ivanova


Mobile application development for Android and iOs

The Mavinx team creates applications for iOs and Android. We work with companies that are just starting work, and businesses that have been working for a long time. Dozens of cases show that applications for mobile devices can become a powerful starting impetus for a business, its secret weapon or even a second wind.

How we are working?

How do we create effective mobile phone apps? · First stage. Studying customer needs. We study the needs of your business, the tasks that the application should solve, and its place in the business strategy. We build all further work on the information received from the client. · After that, we develop the terms of reference for the application and confirm with the customer. · The next stage is the study of competitors. Surely, many businesses use mobile applications. We will certainly analyze the solutions that your competitors use and make them better, more convenient, more reliable. · After that, we develop the functionality and design of the application. This process is called UI / UX design. Knowing what problems the user will solve the application, we design the design of all screens and menus in the application. When this stage is completed we create the administrative panel of the application. Through it, you can update information and track the number of users. · When programming is complete, the testing phase begins. At this stage, we check the performance of all solutions. Identified flaws are eliminated by our specialists. · After the final testing and customer approval, we publish the finished application on GooglePlay and AppStore. All our software products have a 6-month warranty. During this period, we free of charge eliminate all errors and shortcomings that appeared after the application was submitted and published on the Internet. The warranty can be extended for any period for a small fee.

Effective Mobile Apps from Mavinx

A team of experienced developers will work on the application for your business. In our portfolio. Having solved dozens of complex tasks, we have gained great experience and are ready to apply it to work with your project. Among our clients are businesses from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the whole CIS. These are hotels, startups, travel companies from St. Petersburg, Moscow, dozens of other cities and countries. At all stages of the work, you will be accompanied by our attentive manager, who will quickly calculate the cost and resolve any issues that may arise. Make your business modern and more profitable. Order mobile applications from Mavinx.

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