Creating an UBER-like Application

Creating an UBER-like Application

In the transport sector, passenger transportation is one of the most profitable activities. Creating a taxi application (similar to Uber) will allow you to develop a business without much effort and funds for an advertising campaign.

A good reputation, a high level of service, prompt service will work for you. Contact, Mavinx will develop an effective mobile product for iOs and Android.


What tasks does the UBER clone solve?


It’s hard for owners of traditional taxi fleets to understand the benefits of using mobile apps. But this is only until an online service appears for ordering and tracking trips. The advantages of using such a product are obvious:

Automation of order acceptance and tracking of its implementation. This does not require the participation of dispatchers. Using a mobile application will reduce the burden on taxi service employees.

Improving customer communication. Booking trips is carried out not by phone, but through the application. Thanks to the online service, the passenger sees the make of the car, the time of its arrival at the place, tracking the location on the map. In advance, you can find out the rating of the driver and the cost of the trip along the route.

Ease of reporting. For each driver, detailed statistics are visible: the number of completed orders, their cost, location of the car, etc. This provides 100% control over the execution of orders. Developing an application like UBER makes the business more manageable and transparent.


What is the benefit of using the UBER clone for passengers


We are creating an application with Uber mechanics, which will be appreciated not only by taxi owners, but also passengers. Customers will like the proposed functionality:

The ability to create and cancel an order through a mobile application. To communicate with the taxi service, just use a smartphone or tablet. Communication is supported in real time.

Tracking the route and location of the driver of the assigned car.

The ability to pay for the trip in a convenient format. This can be done both by transfer from the card, and in cash.

Minimizing the risk of disagreement. Thanks to the fixation of reporting, you can always prove your case.


How to create an application of type UBER


The development of a mobile product is a rather time-consuming process, which is carried out in stages:

Discussion of the idea and preparation of technical specifications for the creation of a mobile product. At this stage, the price of the project, its nuances, and deadlines are discussed.

If the business owner decided to order the program, the development team begins work. Experienced specialists determine the application architecture, feature set, maximum load. After that, technologies and platforms are selected.

The next part is prototyping the interface and writing code.

Testing the product for correct operation and making corrections in accordance with customer requirements.

Want to order an economically viable product that will simplify the work of the taxi fleet and help your business move to a new level of customer interaction? Contact the numbers indicated on the website or use the feedback form. We will discuss the terms of cooperation and help create the Uber clone.



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