Development of mobile applications for beauty salons

Development of mobile applications for beauty salons

External beauty and cosmetic procedures are part of the life of any successful and active woman. Such ladies are the main audience of any beauty salons. The development of mobile applications for beauty salons is one of the important parts in a marketing strategy. The Mavinx mobile development team will solve this problem for your business.


Creation of applications for beauty salons and SPA: from an idea to an online service


We all spend a lot of time with our smartphone. This can be evaluated in different ways, but marketers and business owners must consider this reality. Mobile applications for beauty salons, spas, health centers are an effective way to attract and retain customers. Why is this so important? Attracting each new customer costs money. Creating a loyal customer community allows you to save money.

What functions can the application perform? There are several options:

  • Booking an appointment with specialists and procedures;
  • The opportunity to tell customers about discounts and special offers;
  • A source of good self-care tips.

A full set of functions can be anything and depends only on your concept, budget and needs.


Application for the salon: ordering and development


How to use our services? Working with Mavinx is simple and convenient, even for people who have never encountered mobile services.

  • Collaboration begins with a personal meeting, talking on Skype or a phone call. Dial our number and tell us what tasks your business is facing and how you want to use the mobile application for Android and iOs.
  • During the conversation, we will clarify all the information necessary for the development of the application (budget, functions, etc.).
  • After that, our specialists develop the general concept of the application and the terms of reference for the development of the service. When the task is finally approved, the customer receives a clear description of what the final product will be. This allows you to control the quality of work and timing.
  • The next step is directly developing the application. According to the terms of reference, we develop the functionality, design, menu and administrative panel of the application. All this works as a system, the purpose of which is to solve user problems and bring him to order services.
  • When the application is ready, it is tested by other specialists. This stage of work allows you to find and eliminate possible defects, check the reliability of the application. Only after completed testing and improvements we present the finished product to the customer. After approval, we publish applications on download platforms.

Call us to order application development and find out the exact price of the project. We guarantee the quality, efficiency and reliability of all services.



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