The company’s internal messenger

The company’s internal messenger

Well-established working communication within the company is very important for productive work. For large teams in which people exchange valuable commercial information, it is necessary to develop an internal messenger for the company.

This solution will provide a higher security standard and simplify messaging, especially if many employees are often on business trips and can only use mobile phones.

Mavinx developers create corporate mobile messengers with complex functionality.


Creation of corporate mobile messengers


In what cases is the development of a corporate messenger justified and what does it give the business?

  • Such a service is needed, first of all, for large companies, where employees often discuss work tasks without direct contact and may not even know each other personally.
  • Corporate messengers allow you to separate work correspondence from personal, easier and faster to transfer a variety of files with the necessary information.
  • Work messengers are more functional and secure than standard ones. This is necessary for the preservation of commercial information, convenient communication between employees of different departments.
  • Corporate messenger can be supplemented with video conferencing functions, etc.
  • Your company messenger will save money on mobile communications and calls.
  • In many situations, messaging is much more convenient than making a call, chatting in a business chat often successfully replaces lengthy meetings.


Development process


If your company has problems with working communication, the development of a corporate messenger can be an ideal solution to these difficulties. It all starts with a customer request.

Call us and tell us about the business, the structure of your company and the tasks that your employees can discuss in correspondence or through calls. Based on this information, we will offer the concept of the application, a set of functions of the future service.

In a dialogue with the customer, we draw up the terms of reference. This document contains a detailed description of the application features, its design, security requirements and other features. The technical task also indicates which operating systems (iOs, Android) the application is being developed for. When the document is ready, we can name the terms and price of development, start programming.

After creating all the elements of the messenger, the application is tested. At this stage, we improve the service and eliminate technical errors. The customer receives a reliable and efficient product.

Call us to order the development of a mobile application and get a nice bonus – a half-year warranty.



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