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Enterpise Market Applications

Enterpise Market Applications: Workflow Automation


Automation and acceleration of office processes in large companies is a difficult business task. To solve it, apply new management technologies and mobile applications. Services in the smartphone allow you to quickly solve production and organizational problems.

Mavinx creates effective mobile applications for employees of retail chains, large enterprises and other large corporations.


Automate workflows with mobile apps


What work tasks can be solved using mobile applications? There are a lot of options. Most often automate the performance of routine, repetitive tasks. Using applications, you can manage processes such as:

  • Delivery;
  • Cargo logistics;
  • Purchase;
  • Billing and payment;
  • Collection of reports and reports;
  • Internal evaluations of the service and work of employees, etc.

Such solutions provide several advantages at once:

  • Save time on routine tasks;
  • Reduce the likelihood of error;
  • Increase the overall productivity of all employees.

 Over time, the economic effect of introducing such services only increases.

The Mavinx portfolio has several projects of this kind. The most interesting examples:

  • Sulpak Korm – a mobile service for a large chain of stores in Kazakhstan. With this application, employees can quickly and in a standardized form can evaluate how the store meets the standards of design and service.
  • Kari Korm – a similar application for a network of shoe stores and accessories.
  • Kari barcode.

These are quite complex multifunctional applications with authorization, several interactive forms, etc. All menu items are designed taking into account the corporate identity of the company and the general concept.


Order an application for workflow optimization


If your company’s productivity suffers and employees spend a lot of time on routine tasks, serious steps must be taken. One of the best options is developing a corporate application.

To get started, call us and tell us about the problems that the company faced. We will offer the best solution that uses the capabilities of a mobile application.

We always draw up and approve with the customer a detailed technical task for the application. This allows you to control the timing and quality of the result.

Mavinx provides a six-month warranty on applications. During this period, we will quickly and for free fix any crashes that occurred after the release.

Order applications for small and large businesses, startups and government agencies.



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