Live streaming apps

Live streaming apps

Video broadcasts are one of the most effective ways to reach large audiences and transmit information to hundreds of thousands of people. Video can be a tool for social and commercial projects. Mobile applications for video broadcasting allow you to be in contact with the maximum number of people and convey the necessary information to them.

Mavinx is developing online streaming and streaming applications. Our portfolio includes several such projects.


Mobile services for online broadcasts: use and features


Visual content is a universal and effective means of communication. Using the video you can:

  • Sell complex services and expensive goods;
  • Solve social problems;
  • Deal with global problems, etc.

The functionality of such applications is quite complex, it may include:

  • The ability to broadcast to the user;
  • Personal Area;
  • Selection of broadcasts;
  • Event reminders, etc.

It all depends on what tasks the application solves and how it is used.


Applications for TV channels and not only


The Mavinx development team has created several broadcast applications. Two examples from this category:

  • Chanell360 – TV channel application. Allows you to watch programs on your mobile phone, follow the news and announcements, participate in surveys, etc.
  • Be light broadcasting – an online application that allows believers from Indonesia and Singapore to watch worship services online. Thanks to its convenient functionality and image quality, it has become popular and has received high marks.


Order an app from Mavinx


On our site you can order an application for broadcasts or for another marketing task. To discuss a future project.

  • We recommend starting the conversation with the task that you want to solve using the application. Understanding the goals of the project, we will be able to offer you an optimal solution for the price and functionality.
  • Our staff will be sure to ask you some clarifying questions about the business, target audience and goals. This will help in work planning and concept development.
  • The next step is the development and approval of technical documents for the application. They indicate all the basic requirements for the product and the terms of work.
  • After that, we start programming and testing the application. As a result, the customer receives a completed and working product for iOs and Android.

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