Mobile applications for hotels

Mobile applications for hotels

To develop your hotel business, it is very important to quickly attract the first customers who will come to rest in the near future. The development of mobile applications for hotels will help to solve this problem. Mavinx Company will create a convenient and functional online service for your hotel.


Mobile applications for booking rooms. What are they needed for?


Newcomers to the hospitality industry are often unaware of the opportunities offered by mobile applications. The main advantages are several. Let’s figure it out.

  • Marketing. The application is a convenient direct channel for interacting with guests. Using the application, you can attract new customers, receive feedback from current customers and keep regular customers. Using PUSH notifications, you can tell users about promotions and additional services. You can also collect guest reviews using apps.
  • Communication. The application will help organize the interaction of guests with travel agencies, tour operator guides, partner companies and hotel staff. Many issues can be resolved online. This will improve the image of the hotel and relieve the reception staff.
  • Service. With the application, customers will be able to book rooms without leaving their home, and order additional services without leaving their rooms. People will definitely like this, and the hotel will receive an influx of orders and great customer loyalty.


What do mobile apps give hotel guests?


Depending on the class of the hotel and the requests of guests, we will be able to include different functions in the application:

  • Virtual tours and the ability to inspect rooms before booking;
  • The ability to ask a question to the hotel administration and leave a review;
  • Order food in the room;
  • Call hotel staff to solve everyday problems;
  • Book a room and pay for it.


Creation of mobile room reservation systems


If you are the owner of a hotel, do not delay creating your own mobile application for Android and iOs. To get started, just call and write to us. The main thing you need is an idea.

  • At the first stage of communication with the customer, we study his request. We clarify information about the hotel and the audience, which is interesting for the hotel owner.
  • After that, the development team will offer the customer a refined concept. It includes a set of functions that we recommend implementing in the application.
  • The next step is the approval of the terms of reference for the application. This document allows the customer to monitor compliance with requirements and deadlines. Only after the terms of reference are written and approved, we begin to develop. At the same stage, the final price of the software product is determined.
  • During the development process, we create a unique application design, release all the functions described in the terms of reference. Also, most applications have an administrative panel. This is a tool with which the owner will be able to track the number of installations, bookings and other activities through the application. Also, the administrative panel allows you to update information in the application.
  • The developed application must be tested before release. These works are included in the development cost. The check allows you to find technical flaws and difficulties, quickly eliminate them before release. Thanks to this, the customer receives the highest quality and fault-tolerant application.
  • After testing and presentation to the client, we publish the finished application on the platforms. Within six months after this moment, we will free of charge eliminate any failures that appeared after the release.

To order the creation of applications for hotels, call us or write through a special form of communication on the site.



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