Mobile applications for lawyers

Mobile applications for lawyers

Legal assistance should be quick and affordable. This is necessary not only for clients, but also for lawyers themselves. Developing mobile applications for lawyers is a great way to always be in touch with your clients, ensure their loyalty and improve the quality of legal services.


Mobile applications of lawyers: why is this necessary and what do they know how to do?


Constant and reliable contact with a lawyer, prompt consultation and quick assistance are the main criteria that determine the quality of legal services. This is evidenced by thousands of reviews of people who used the services of lawyers. The mobile application for Android and iOs is a great way to make legal assistance closer and more accessible.

The second important factor is the profitability of the business. Attracting a single client is quite expensive for a law firm. So, the client needs to keep each client, to make him permanent. Thus, the company will save large amounts of money. The mobile application also solves this problem.

Have you already seen that your company needs a mobile service? But how and where to order it?


Creating Lawyer Applications from Mavinx


Mavinx creates mobile applications for all types of businesses. For several years, we have accumulated vast experience in working with diverse and often non-standard projects. Each application can have a unique set of functions.

An online service for lawyers can solve several problems:

  • Provide users with relevant legal information and advice to clients;
  • Receive feedback from customers;
  • Provide quick and convenient contact between customers and the company.

Application development for iOs or Android is an important part of a marketing strategy. We are ready to implement this task for you.

  • To order application development, call us and tell us about your business needs and budget.
  • After discussing the task, we will propose a general concept for the application, clearly define the main parameters of the application in the terms of reference. This will allow the customer to control the quality of work and deadlines.
  • The next stage is the development of all elements of the application and testing of all solutions for efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, the customer receives a working, effective application.
  • After the release, we provide a guarantee for each application for a period of 6 months. During this period, we quickly and free of charge eliminate any technical failures.

Order from us applications for lawyers and other types of business.



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