Mobile applications for online stores

Mobile applications for online stores

The smartphone is playing an increasing role in the daily life of each of us. We are making more purchases with this gadget. Millions of users download mobile applications for online stores.

The best, largest online stores have such services. Want to use this effective tool to grow your business and grow your sales fast? Contact Mavinx!


Mobile shopping apps – must have!


Marketers of all online stores know that the attention and time of the buyer is a valuable resource. Mobile shopping apps are used by millions of people around the world. Such services allow you to place orders on the road, during a walk, and generally at any time when you want to buy something beautiful or necessary.

It is through the applications in the smartphone that people make thousands of spontaneous purchases, purchase things for home and as a gift.

A company that takes care of customers and offers them such a modern service receives several advantages at once:

  • Attracting solvent customers who have a need specifically for your products.
  • Increased repeat sales. A person who made a purchase through a convenient application and received a good product will definitely buy it in your store again.
  • A positive image of your store and increased recognition. Satisfied customers often recommend your app and online store to their friends. Such “live” advertising is the most effective and inexpensive way to promote your store. Take this opportunity!


Order the creation of applications for the online store


If you have already decided to order the development of a mobile service for shopping, call us. Working with the Mavinx team is easy. First, just tell us about your business. What goods and to whom do you sell? How do you present the future application?

We will offer the optimal set of functions for the future store: filters, notifications about promotions and special offers, a list of selected products, comparison of models, etc.

Our specialists will definitely develop and approve the technical task for the future application with the customer. With the help of this document you can control the quality of work. You will clearly understand what you get as a result of our work.

After developing all the functions and screens of the application, we will definitely test the finished product, eliminate technological failures and shortcomings. The next step after testing is a presentation to the customer and publication on the iOs and Android platforms.

Mavinx provides a guarantee for all applications! Within six months, we will free and quickly fix all the problems that appeared after the release of the application. Call us to learn more about the warranty conditions.

Order shopping apps! Give a powerful boost to your online store.



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