Mobile applications for real estate

Mobile applications for real estate

Real estate business requires serious investments and a well-thought-out marketing strategy, which includes advertising online, offline and the use of other tools. The development of mobile applications for the real estate sector has become a mandatory step in the promotion of large real estate agencies, development projects and other similar companies.

Mavinx company creates mobile applications for real estate rental and sale of objects.


Who needs real estate apps?


Which companies need applications for renting and selling real estate? There are several options. Most often it is:

Real estate agencies (the application significantly increases the number of sales and other transactions);

  • Startups (allows you to create a viral effect);
  • Development companies (accelerates the sale of development objects);
  • Travel services that offer daily rent;
  • City authorities (for sale or lease of real estate).


Creating applications for the sale of real estate


The development of such an application is a rather complicated project. The service should have its own, quickly updated database of objects. We solve this question in different ways, depending on the type of business, budget and tasks that the project faces.

How is the work process built and the price calculated? How to order application development and control the result? Everything is simpler than you think.

  • It all starts with a call and an idea. Contact us and tell us about your business project, its strategic objectives that we will help to solve. In the discussion process, we will clarify all organizational, technical and financial details. This will quickly calculate the price and terms of work.
  • The next stage is the development and approval of the terms of reference for the project. This document allows you to control the quality of work and the timing of work.
  • When everything is ready, we begin to develop the design, menu and functionality of the future application. In stages, we “collect” all screens, buttons, settings, the database and the administrative panel of the application, which allows you to update content, see the number of installations and actions of users of the service.
  • The next step is testing the finished service. At this stage, we recheck all the functions and technical solutions for stability and performance, eliminate the errors found.
  • Only after that we present the finished product to the client and publish it on the platforms for iOs and Android applications.

Each of our customers receives a guarantee for six months after the release. During this period, we will free fix bugs and software failures that appeared after the release. If desired, for a fee, you can get a guarantee for a year or longer.

Make your business even more modern, mobile and profitable! Order applications from Mavinx!



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