Online book reader applications

Online book reader applications

Books are changing, but remain the companion of modern, active and successful people. Hundreds of thousands of people download mobile book reader apps. Such services are also a promising business project, a way to attract and retain a large audience of readers, and therefore, successful and solvent people.

You can order book reader applications from Mavinx.


Development of online book readers: why, who needs it and why us?


Successful mobile apps earn millions. There are several strategies for monetizing such a product. You can choose any or use a combination of them. Monetize the project allow:

  • Advanced paid features of the application (For example, the ability to open other file formats, make lists of books).
  • Paid content in the application (single books or entire series).
  • Opportunities for advertising in the application (these may be books or other products interesting to your audience).

These options allow you to quickly recoup investments in the development of such a service and make money on it.


Order a book reader app


If you have already decided to order an application for books, call or write to us through the site. We will briefly talk about how we created the book reader application. Any customer will be convinced of our competence and that Mavinx implements any, even the most non-standard project.

  • Any work begins with ideas of concepts. Perhaps you want to implement a function that is not found in any reader. Tell us about this idea, and our specialists will take up its implementation. We can also offer you a set of functionalities for the application, taking into account the experience and similar solutions that are on the market.
  • When the concept of the application for iOs and Android is ready, we give the customer the exact price, terms of work. If conditions suit both parties, work begins.
  • We are gradually creating the application menu, its design, all screens and the administrative panel (if specified in the terms of reference). When the application is ready, the owner will be able to track the number of installations and other targeted actions.
  • The finished application is tested for reliability and performance. Only after that we present the result to the customer and publish the application on platforms for free download.

Each customer receives a 6-month warranty on the application. If desired, for a separate payment, you can get an extended warranty for a year or more.

Order reading applications and other online services from Mavinx.



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