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A modern and solvent client appreciates caring for him, the availability of goods and services. Increasingly, he makes purchases using his gadgets. Developing mobile applications for iOs will help your business or start-up win the hearts of such customers or retain those who are already with you. If your product or service is focused on modern, active and wealthy people, the use of such a tool is simply necessary.

Applications for mobile devices for iOs, developed by Mavinx, increase the number of customers and make them permanent. Our products will be a major advantage in a tense race with your competitors.


Development and creation of mobile applications for iOs


So, you have already decided to order a mobile application to promote your business. How to get to one of the two most popular application platforms?

The Mavinx team will help. Our portfolio includes dozens of applications for various businesses from Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries and the world. Among customers:

  • Hotels;
  • Internet services;
  • Travel companies;
  •  Beauty Salons;
  • Law firms;
  • Real estate companies.

Thanks to this, we have gained experience and implement any, even the most non-standard client request.

We work rationally and organized. Thanks to this, every customer receives effective applications on iOs for mobile phones on time.


How we are working? How to order the application?


Have you ever ordered a mobile app for your company? Do not worry. It’s easy to work with us.

  • To start, write or call the phones that you see on the site. Tell us about your project, the services you offer. At this point, it is important to understand what functions the application should perform. This can be a purchase, a selection of goods, online specialist advice and much more.
  • When this first stage is completed, we formulate the terms of reference. This document allows the customer to control the work and make sure that he receives what he ordered.
  • When the job task has already been approved, we start working with the application. We design the design of the application, its functionality, develop the administrative panel of the application. At this stage, we create the application menu, its main functions and appearance (color scheme, logo and other elements). Most applications have an administrative panel. It allows you to update information in the application, track the installation.
  • The final step before passing – testing the application. We check the performance of all solutions. This stage is often the longest and most difficult. Our experts find and correct all errors and shortcomings in the application.
  • Only when testing is completed, we present the application to the customer and publish it on the AppStore.


Collaboration with Mavinx – your progress and growth


We provide a guarantee for all software products for a period of 6 months. During this time, we will free and promptly fix all problems that did not appear during testing.

If desired, the warranty period can be extended.

Want to make your business dynamic, accelerate its growth and increase profitability?

Call us to find out the price and order the development of mobile applications.

What people say

Alex Bambbato - Rent&Co founder

These guys are dedicated and really care about customer service. They have an employee who only maintains a high level of service. They also work through all the details until you are satisfied, which was especially valuable to me. I consider them to be the best developers of mobile applications, because they do everything they can to make you happy while you are in the development process, and these days it rarely happens.

Igor Pogoraev - Bestflix founder

They really like to satisfy the client as much as possible ... I'm a pretty picky IT engineer, so they needed some time to get to know what I wanted, but we were successful. And they do not ask for any payment until the customer is satisfied. This is a very good point.

Simon Holmes - CEO Mobiz

It was a pleasure working with Ruslan and his team. They made sure that they understood the task from the very beginning and it was easy to contact them throughout the project. I will recruit them again to work on future projects and improvements in the website and applications. Thanks Mavinx.

Marina Shumayeva - Cofounder and CTO

I have been working with Ruslan and his team since 2014. During this period of time, we jointly released several mobile projects. I hope to continue our alliance with this reliable and responsive team of professionals for many years.

Nicholas Lozova - Chief Retail Manager

Great! Wonderful. These guys are at the top of their game. Young, faithful, honest and knowledgeable. I am so glad that I found them and look forward to continuing the projects. Thanks for the awesome work guys! Highly recommend.

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Why us

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Transparent price model is quite simple. European cultural heritage of engineering plus Ukrainian rates, plus ability to scale the team..


Future Results

Your application is like a child for Mavinx for whom we are responsible. Therefore, a product that we develop for you makes money, solves your client’s problem, and hits the top ratings



Our product manager personally leads your project. You control all the tasks via Redmine(Trello) and Scrum. We also provide mandatory weekly reports and hold Skype calls.


Strategic Approach

Our approach allows you to avoid overspending. Our philosophy is to minimize costs and time through strategy and planning.

How we work

  • Specification

    We communicate with you a lot to figure out what you expect from a project. We analyze requirements for preparing a quality solution on time and within budget.
    1-3 weeks
    - Wireframes are low-fidelity application screens(UX)
    - List of user stories with scenarios and acceptance criteria.
    - Detailed estimate
  • Design

    UI design are final application or website screens; we can also provide animated application prototypes upon request to demonstrate some product functionality in action
    1-4 weeks
    - A ready-made design for various platforms
    - Style Guide for developers
  • Development

    During the development stage we develop the frontend and backend, integrate APIs. We work by sprints, for demonstrate the results of development to you each two weeks
    1-2 weeks
    Ready product developed according to its specification and visual designs.
  • Testing

    We begin testing right from the blueprinting & designing stages. The QA team responds quickly by reporting all bugs & issues. Thus, testing for us is like a continuous refinement process in our pursuit to perfection. It begins with the project and never really ends until the project goes live.
  • Support

    Publication on App Store and Google Play or on devices inside the company. 6 months cost-free guarantee and collecting feedback from users.


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