Social networks

Social networks

We all want to communicate and make contact with people who have close interests. Social networks and the Internet are expanding opportunities for new contacts and businesses. The development of mobile social networks is an important step for building a community of interests, promoting startups and solving other business problems.

Creating applications for social networks is a difficult technical and design task. The Mavinx development team will create for you a mobile social network that will help in developing your business, social projects or establishing internal communication in large companies.

Development of mobile applications for social networks

Creating a social network for communities of lovers of any subject, you must also add a mobile version to it. The best option for this is a mobile application for a new social network.

Types of Social Networks

To understand what kind of social network is needed to implement your tasks, let’s look at what types of networks exist. Two main categories: highly specialized and highly specialized. In the second category of networks, they communicate on one specific topic. It can be:

  • Working issues;
  • Hobbies and hobbies;
  • Relations;
  • Personal care, etc.

Highly specialized social networks are needed for communication in several cases:

  • For employees of large companies with a complex organizational structure who need to constantly interact and there is no opportunity for personal meetings;
  • Representatives of several companies that closely interact;
  • People of the same age category (elderly, adolescents, young parents);
  • People who are looking for acquaintances with a specific goal (business partners, performers of a certain job, friends, fellow travelers);
  • People who live in one country (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic) or a city (Kiev, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk).

It is also important to understand what content the social network will focus on:

  • Short text messages;

Visual (pinterest, instagramm);

  • Mixed (e.g. facebook).

Understanding, at least in general terms, why you need a social network, you can contact us. Together with the customer, the Mavinx development team will develop the application concept.

Why do businesses need social networks?

A mobile application for a social network, depending on the type, can solve several important business tasks:

  • Establish communication between employees and just people with common interests;
  • Attract the target audience of goods and services;
  • Improve brand awareness;
  • Attract partners, investors and even new employees;
  • Generate additional income through third-party advertising.

To get the most out of a social network, it is important to have a clear business strategy.

Creating applications for social communities. How we are working?

How is the development of social applications for iOs and Android built? It all starts with strategy and ideas. It is with them that customers come to us.

  • The next stage is the refinement of the concept and the development of technical specifications. We study the needs of the client, his business and goals. Given all this and his wishes, we approve the terms of reference with clear parameters for the future software product.
  • After that we start programming. At this stage, specialists create the menu, design and all the basic elements of the future application. In parallel, we are developing the administrative panel of the application (if it is prescribed in the technical task).
  • Further, after testing and presentation to the client, we post the finished product on platforms for iOs and Android.

All Mavinx software products are backed by a 6-month warranty. This means that within 6 months we eliminate free of charge technical errors that appeared after the release.

Want to take your project to the next level using a mobile application? Call and write to us today!



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