Travel Route Applications

Travel Route Applications

Time is a valuable work resource for tourists and businessmen. In order not to lose it on the road, it is important to correctly route. Developing applications for drawing up a travel route will solve many problems for a taxi service, a delivery service, a logistics company.

The Mavinx team will develop mobile navigator applications with a variety of additional features. Our portfolio has several such services developed for companies from Kiev, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA, other countries and cities of the world.


Why do I need an application for building routes?


What tasks will the navigation application solve? It provides several advantages at once:

  • Helps save time on the go.
  • It makes it possible to optimize fuel consumption.
  • Allows you to lay complex routes through several important locations (for example, past gas stations).
  • Reduces the cost of services (transportation, delivery of goods).


Create mobile apps for driving directions


There are dozens of applications that help you get directions and navigate the terrain. All of them have different sets of functions, but not for everyone. In such situations, it is necessary to develop your own tools.

If your company or startup is faced with such a need, contact Mavinx.

We will create navigation tools for:

  • Taxi services;
  • Pizza and other goods delivery services;
  • Courier companies;
  • Logistics companies;
  • Excursion firms.

We can also develop an application for hiking trails.


How is application development going?


Mobile applications are an important tool for any medium and large company. Services for iOs or Android are very diverse and complex. It’s easy to order the development of such an application for your business.

  • Any work begins with an idea. Call us and tell us what problem you want to solve using the application. We will ask some questions about your business.
  • After that, the Mavinx team develops the concept and functionality of the application. Experienced developers and managers will select the right set of features for your application.
  • When the idea is outlined in general terms, we develop and approve the terms of reference with the customer. This document allows the customer to control the quality of work.
  • After that we proceed directly to programming. We develop all elements of the application: design, functionality, menu. All these elements work in a complex and should be coordinated. In addition, we are creating an application administrative panel with which you can track the number of installations and update content.
  • The next stage is testing a software product. This stage is work on the bugs. We check the operability of all solutions in the finished application and eliminate the errors found.
  • Once the testing is completed, we will present the product to the customer and, after its approval, publish the application on the main platforms for downloading.


Why should you order the mobile application from Mavinx?


Dozens of companies offer mobile development services. What makes Mavinx stand out?

  • Quality Assurance. Within 6 months after the release of the application, we free and promptly eliminate errors identified after testing.
  • Experience and excellence. Over the years, we have implemented dozens of complex projects, applications with unique functions. We are ready for complex technical tasks and any stringent requirements.
  • Efficiency. We do not just software products. These are thought-out tools for working and promoting a business that give a real effect for your company.

Order applications for laying out routes, guides and other tasks. Just call or email us!



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