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  • work

    Mobiz Taxi

    This mobile app offers a private transport service, available 24 hours a day and from any location (currently available in France, Portugal, Spain and England). The transport is carried out by private drivers, accredited, which are part of the highly professional team of Mobiz.

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    Well Done

    With the Well Done cooking thermometer and grill app you can keep track of the temperature progression of your steaks on the grill, on the stove or in the oven, while you are enjoying a glass of wine or a cold beer with your friends.

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    Cruise Be

    The ONLY Cruise App where just in one click you will get ultimate agenda of your cruise with the detailed articles from real travelers and a complete list of attractions and activities in each port of call and on the ship.

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    Mr. Bongi

    The Mr. Bongi app provides its users with the opportunity to order Food delivery from different Stores and Restaurants (like Uber Eats) and also any Service (like cleaning, washing etc). 

    • UX/UI design,
    • iOS,
    • Android,
    • Web


  • Specification
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Support
  • Time
    1-3 Weeks
    • - MindMap
    • - Clickable black and white prototype
    • - List of the user stories with scenarios and acceptance criteria

    On this stage we identify the requirements to the project, build the main structure, create the user flow and present the UX of the app on the black and white mockups. Thus we get the full picture of how the future project will look like, what are the interactions between the screens and what functionality each screen will include.

  • Time
    1-3 Weeks
    • - Moodboard with the different design references
    • - Design concept of the main screens to approve the idea
    • - UI design of all the screens in one style
    • - Figma source file with the designs and UI Kit

    Design stage is about the look and feel of your project. To meet your expectations about the visual part of the app we create the board with the absolutely different design samples. This helps us to identify your design preferences and create the unique UI concept for your project!

  • Time
    1-6 months
    • - iOS App (Swift, Objective-C)
    • - Android (Kotlin, Java)
    • - Web Frontend (React.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Typescript, Redux, Bootstrap, Webpack)
    • - Web Backend (PHP, Python)
    • - Bluetooth Technologies

    Here we start the implementation of the project. The development is always divided into 2 weeks stages. In the end of each stage we provide you with the demo presentation so you could stay on the same page with us during the whole development process and be sure that we follow the development plan.

  • Description

    We start testing right from the Wireframing and Design stages. The QA team responds quickly by reporting all bugs and issues. Thus, testing for us is like a continuous refinement process in our pursuit to perfection. It begins with the project and never really ends until the project goes live.

  • Description

    When the apps are developed, we publish them to App Store and Play Market. We provide you with the 3-months warranty and monitor the project in live.

    You may also sign the Support Contract with us and get the regular app updates according to the new OS versions, libraries and technologies.

Our clients

  • They really like to satisfy the client as much as possible ... I'm a pretty picky IT engineer, so they needed some time to get to know what I wanted, but we were successful. And they will work on the comments and update the app till the customer is completely satisfied.

    Marina Shumaieva

    Co-Founder of the CruiseBe company
  • It was perfect. Communications, scheduling was fast and in time. We set up calls, contacting in advance and always did everything in time or discussed the changes in advance. They know their job. I got a lot of advice from them. They stayed within budget.

    Ievgeniia Nasinyk

    Co-Founder of BalloonPoster project
  • Mavinx successfully launched the apps, which resulted in numerous publisher contracts being signed. It generated an impressive content base and more than 50,000 users. The engagement was streamlined and stress-free; the team was on time and communicative.

    Aleksandr Eisbrecher

    Director and Founder of Mobiz
  • I have been working with Ruslan and his team since 2014. During this period of time, we jointly released several mobile projects. I hope to continue our alliance with this reliable and responsive team of professionals for many years.

    Igor Pogoraev

    Founder of Bestflix


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