The Best Law Firm Web Design

The Best Law Firm Web Design

31 Oct 2022

7 min

Gleb Goncharov

UX/UI and Graphic Designer

How Do You Make a Good Law Firm Website?

When someone is looking for a law firm website, they have serious reasons to do that. Probably, they need professional consultation and advice on a very important matter, such as a divorce, a marriage, death, or accepting their heritage.

Anyway, people do not tend to trust such sensitive information to someone with a poor professional reputation or unpersuasive representation. That is why when potential clients visit a law firm's website, they need to see that they have found an advisor they can trust. A solid law firm web design is the main criterion you will be chosen for providing legal services. It will show them that you are an expert team that is trustworthy, experienced, and caring.

In this article, you will find the most essential tips on how to create the best law firm design and what items to include in it to make a website look appealing and reputable.

The first step on the way to all the best law firm websites is considering consumer and industry insights. On their basis, you can plan what you actually want to see on the site and what parts of it should be emphasized with an attractive web design.

To start with, collect industry insights. The statistics argue that about 60% of clients prefer to make an appointment with their lawyer via phone calls. It means that the ‘Contact us’ or ‘Call us’ section should be given good attention. You will need it in the navigation menu and the hero section. Everybody who visits the site needs to find a phone number without any difficulty.

Up to 20% of customers look for a lawyer via search engines in the USA. It means that the best SEO practices should be implemented on the website to make it visible to search engines. Well-optimized meta descriptions and headers are pretty helpful here. The site will rank better if the main requirements for the optimization are observed. If you don’t care about that, the visibility will not be sufficient to let users find the site easily. Therefore, the number of conversions and leads won’t be satisfactory, and you cannot hope for higher revenue. If a potential client can’t find your firm, how can they contact you? You will need to have a lot of location keywords, too, to get more targeted and qualified leads.

Every highly professional developer knows how to create law firms’ websites so that they can build up trust, increase customer interest, and enhance conversions. The start is always in the back-end development. Professional designers nowadays use PHP as a basic scripting language. They prefer Laravel as a fully-structured PHP framework for the most cutting-edge architectural patterns.

Let’s have a closer look at how a food law firm's website is made step-by-step.

Step 1. Making a Strategy

This stage is pretty important. An expert conduct thorough research on your business and its needs, competitors, and target audiences. A clear understanding of your industrial environment helps a designer to make a website that fully corresponds to all your company’s goals and missions. Smart goals are assigned to the site, and a developer decides how to achieve them.

Step 2. Creating Preliminary Website Architecture

A designer needs to understand the information architecture of your website and plan it properly. They should determine the website’s funnel and the message it should deliver to clients. They also need to understand how to optimize the site to attract more organic traffic and provide conversions.

Step 3. Making Wireframes and DesignIt is important to show how each landing page will interpret the information flow. Wireframes created as black-and-white blueprints are very important here. You will probably have to discuss them with your developer and approve this overall design layout. Then, a designer can add the elements of your brand, such as typography, imagery, colors, and logo.

Step 4. Developing and Maintaining

Now, you can see your website’s architecture and wireframes for every page, so the process of development can start. Let the developer have a question-answer list that includes the security and performance modes of the website. A reputable developing company can also ensure continuous support and effective maintenance solutions after the launch.

How Do You Make a Good Law Firm Website?

What Should I Put on My Law Firm Website?

A professional website lawyers’ developer will offer you appealing typography and attractive imagery to make your company’s site visible everywhere for everybody who is looking for it. In addition, there are other practices designers are ready to implement in their work. They include:

1. Composing an informative hero section with your UVP to let your potential clients know who you are and what you can offer to them.

2. Making a distinct CTA with an explanation of what your visitors should do and why they need to click this knob.

3. Including accurate copy for efficient skimming through the website.

4. Displaying testimonials, feedback, and media links to the website to boost your brand’s trustworthiness and credibility and to explain how your services have already helped former clients.

5. Locating the contact details in a sticky menu because it helps users see them no matter where they are on the site.

6. Creating a Meet The Team page to help future clients get acquainted with the faces and names of the staff members and their details before their trust them the confidential information.

7. Developing ways of encouraging users to continue with conversions with the help of a strategic conversion funnel.

8. Optimizing the site for search engines to boost its visibility with longtail keywords for getting more targeted and valuable leads.

9. Developing a convenient search feature so that users can directly find what they need no matter how many services you offer.

All these features belong to UX/UV niche. JavaScript with its front-end solutions, like the React.js library and Next.js framework, is the most essential tool for such front-end development. If you want your website to look brand-new and function smoothly, make sure that the professional developer you are going to hire can create the best lawyers’ websites design with these or HTML5 or CSS3 programming languages.

Following the Basic Principles and Practices

You may need to know to what points of your future website to draw your developer's attention. These ones are the most essential and the best practices to be considered in the consistent law firm web design involve the following:

━ making a good first impression because there are only 0.05 seconds to capture what you want to message to them before they click away;

━ introducing a lot of innovation balanced with simplicity and familiarity to meet people’s expectations and never confuse them with a lot of strange features;

━ confusion-free and concise elements throughout the entire website (about 85% of website designers argue that a crowded look of web pages leads to a decrease in conversions;

━ directing visitors’ attention to the most important elements, organizing them in the order of priority;

━ developing mobile responsiveness because clients prefer to look for an attorney from their mobiles nowadays;

━ checking the acceptable load times because low load times can distract users and increase bounce rates;

━ easy-to-use navigation with a small number of links, bars, icons, and headers;

━ offering multiple contact methods, like multiple contact forms, live chats, information about the headquarters’ location, and presentation on social media;

━ describing practice areas clearly for facilitating clients’ search for help in specific legal areas;

━ using professional photography without any stock images to establish more credibility;

━ embracing the power of videos to increase visitors’ time on the page;

━ focusing on readability with bulleted lists, clear fonts, and short paragraphs.

Talk to your professional developer about other features you want to see on the website. It does not matter whether you want to create a new site or redesign the existing one, try to explain to the expert what exactly you would like to see.

What Should I Put on My Law Firm Website?

Final Thoughts

When you order the best lawyer site’s design, remember that people will come to you to find a solution for their private problems. They usually strive to find a lawyer who will understand their matter and represent their interests with the desired results. That is why the design of your legal company’s website should be engaging and inviting, with the essential elements that prove its credibility, reliability, and excellent reputation. The testimonials and contacts are a must to be placed on the most accessible locations of the site.

We, as developers, do our best to research our client's needs, the current trends in the industry, competitors’ activity, and your individual requirements. Our aim is to develop a custom web design that is ready to boost conversions and bring much more revenue.

We are true experts in design, site development, copywriting, and branding to provide the entire package of services, prepare the newly developed site for the launch, and maintain its performance afterward. We are ready to bring your vision to life and help your company gain more trustworthiness and an excellent reputation.

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