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Estimate design for my app
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4Visual Design
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3Brand Identity

The full design process in 5 stages

Estimate design for my app

The first opinion is always remembered. Our mission is to arouse interest with the eyes in the first seconds, and then conquer with ease of use. Do you want to know the whole way to achieve the goal?


We are like artists who sketch before creating a masterpiece. The first step is to listen to you and to hear. The most important is your initial idea and how you strive to differ from your competitors. We create the mind maps, find out the main aspects of the project, discuss possible features together and approve the final scope with you in order to move forward.

Sketching banner
Mobile sketching banner


The sketches are ready, let's draw the lines more clearly and boldly!

It's time for the UX details. We create black and white screens, forgetting about the colours for a while. At this stage, it is important to think through all the smallest details so that the user could use our project conveniently, easily and clearly. At the end of this stage, you have all the logic of the future app in your hands.

  • In-app chat list design prototype
  • In-app share project design prototype
  • In-app user profile design prototype
  • In-app job details design prototype
  • In-app payment design prototype
  • In-app reviews design prototype
  • In-app withdraw proposal design prototype

Brand Identity

A brand sets you apart from everyone else and makes a statement about you. It's like a signature that highlights everything it touches. To create the unique branding for your project you'll start with the filling of special questionnaire.


Main Colors




Secondary Colors





bellota fonts


keto kitchen logo


custom icons
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The logo creation

When the new brand comes to life.
concept logo

Visual Design

When the logic and the brand are ready, let's take the paints in hands and add colors to our wireframes.

At this stage, we work on the creation of the modern, trendy design based on the brand identity that we already have. Black and white wireframes come to life with fonts, shadows and colours, demonstrating the final picture.

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mobile dashed stepline
music player app prototype
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In-app yoga challenge progress design
In-app yoga challenge info design
In-app yoga challenge start design

How to create perfect design?

The uniqueness of the product is the most important.

prototype design banner


The icing on the cake of any type of the visual may be an illustration. We can easily show familiar things by adding a unique style designed special for you. Our illustrations stand out with emotions and moods, so it's hard to look away!

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