Top 10 Design Trends for 2022

Top 10 Design Trends for 2022

29 Aug 2022

15 min

Gleb Goncharov

UX/UI and Graphic Designer

Top 10 Design Trends for 2022

After the crazy 2021, we are facing the challenges of 2022. Web design trends for 2022 try to cope with them too. Web creators are already thinking about what should be improved in the layout of website design to meet the needs of contemporary users.

There is no use packing the design with all those unessential elements that distract the attention. The picture and interface should be more concise and user-friendly based on UX requirements and individual customer needs. Websites have to be more seamless and accessible.

Designers want to feel more secure about their creative innovations because the level of competition is very high nowadays. Brand-new trends and formats should be in line with the emotional level and human sentiments of the present-day. The combination of retro approaches and new concepts is able to provide amazing results.

Cutting-edge animations, interactive typography, and entire immersion are those features that characterize new trends. Simultaneously the trends of the 80s and 90s tend to come back in visual styles.

This article will answer your questions about the new trends in 2022 and why site owners and online entrepreneurs need to redesign their platforms for further prosperity.

Top 10 Design Trends for 2022

Why Do You Need to Improve the Design of Your Website?

Notorious online presence is an important aspect in boosting business. Most potential customers look for information about products and services online before they call the company or visit it in-person. Therefore, the site design is what establishes or breaks the contacts. If the website looks dull and messy, its visitors will scroll the search engine link list and pick out something more fascinating.

Recurring contacts are also very important to maintain. If the company does not show its development online, returning clients will quit it for something more brand-new. That is why website improvement is essential and should be done continuously.

So, why do you need to redesign your website? Functionality and responsiveness of all web pages is very important for users who visit your site for the first time. About 76% of potential clients make the first impression of the company on the basis of how its site looks. Up-to-date design helps to establish contacts and maintain customer retention. Therefore, these are several reasons why you have to keep your site constantly redesigned:

1. Maintenance Is Cheaper

When the website has an outdated design, it can show a lot of bugs and unattended failures. These microscopic issues can pile up and distract customers from using the site and its offers. Moreover, the time-consuming and inefficient process will be pretty costly because maintaining an outdated site needs more admin personnel.

2. Brand-New Design Makes the Site More Growth-Adaptable

When the company develops, it starts extending the lines of its products and services. Developers have to add a lot of new visual elements and web pages. Translation into different languages may also be essential. Design with improved UX and UI can help the site demonstrate the company’s growth and make it more recognizable by multi-language search engines.

3. Mobile Design Appeals to Broader Audiences

You should never ignore new trends in mobile site design because the number of mobile users constantly increases. If you don’t have a web design that works perfectly for them, you will miss a lot of opportunities for your business growth. The design should be responsive and adapted for a small screen.

4. Improved Design Layout Accounts for Security

You may have heard a lot of stories about hacks and breaches. It is much easier to attack the sites with an outdated design. The entire layout that hasn’t been redesigned for ever, helps hackers to find ways of penetration through the defense.

5. Great Design Attracts Investors

Websites with strong vibes are eye-catching, so investors who are seeking long-term projects can be attracted by the dynamism and novelty of the layout and consider your company worth their attention. Using state-of-the-art visual design trends will provide them with understanding that the business whose site they see is developing and prospective.

6. Modern Design Raises Conversions

If new visitors have had negative experiences with the visibility and usability of your site, they will leave and never come back. If they like what they see, they will never feel frustrated and visit the site’s pages as often as they need. More visits bring improvements in Google rankings, and that will lead to even more visits.

Why Do You Need to Improve the Design of Your Website?

How Can I Improve My Website in 2022?

You can start improving the web site with introducing new trends in design and interface irresponsive of your budget. You can implement redesign projects and introduce new tweaks to boost your business performance online. Here are some steps you can take for the start nowadays.

1. You can check the performance quality of your website and examine whether its design allows for accessibility in locations with low Internet speed.

2. Check the mobile accessibility and test whether search engines rank the site as responsive to mobiles. All heavy design elements that prevent it should be removed. If you transfer the interface from landscape to mobile-oriented, it will help a lot.

3. Renovate the CMS with additional patches and security tweaks.

4. Introduce or update the website security mechanisms, such as encryption, system recovery, authentication, and attack detection.

5. Add effective boosters of conversions into the design , such as testimonials, certifications, or case studies.

To make the layout meet all these requirements, consider the contemporary web design trends for 2022 that are especially efficient.

How Can I Improve My Website in 2022?

What Are the Web Design Trends for 2022?

We have agreed that the modern website design should be customer oriented and user-friendly. These trends are especially efficient nowadays so why don’t you implement them?

Healthy and Welcoming Designs

People are more careful about their health and well-being nowadays because of the recent outbreak of the pandemic. They appreciate safety in every product and service they would like to acquire. Each individual needs to know whether it is secure to buy and consume the product you offer.

Adapt your website design to these needs by utilizing shapes, colors, and images that boost the feeling of comfort and protection. The design can involve relaxing outdoor scenery, home decorations, a lot of plants, and clear elements with natural colors and shapes to create the harmonious atmosphere of coziness. Introducing a lot of space (large and comfortable rooms, clean workplaces, and airly halls should ensure that your company stands for healthy habits and indisputable benefits.

The goal of such design is to calm down people’s worries and negative emotions and reduce stress with the help of your services or goods.

Micro Animation and Micro-Interaction

Every type of website design should take into account the fact that people’s attention span is very short. That is why short videos and how-to-guides work more beneficially. Your potential customer needs to see that the site is not overloaded with unnecessary information. So, incorporating moving icons for the backgrounds works perfectly.

When you want to use more micro-interaction features, be attentive about the colors. They should not overlap or clash. Backgrounds need to be in neutral natural colors, such as green, brown, or blue, while moving images can use something brighter like red, orange, or yellow.

Do not make your web pages overanimated. That can distract users. However, if they can interact with specific design elements, it is fascinating.

Inspirational Illustrations

Website design should inspire people. Use inspirational quotes related to your company’s offers or show the positive sides of cooperation with your company. Use bright and attractive colors that evoke fun and joy. The more happiness you can offer your customers for interacting with your company, the more cheerfully and readily they will visit your site again.

Simplicity and Modern Minimalism

The goals and mission of your company may not correspond with bright colors and much animation. Then, think about minimalistic design. Considering such design dull and boxing is a mistake. On the contrary, you can showcase your company’s advantages and positive aspects of your products and services. Moreover, you won’t have to pay much for developing such a design.

Pick out simple elements that correspond to your brand. Add them a modern vibe and elegant attractiveness. For instance, if your business deals with fireplaces, add some plants and cozy decorations to your images, making your offer a key focus. They will add a relaxing feeling of comfort.

Be careful about the colors. Minimalistic design does not need bright colors. Though, some central elements can be brighter, for example, yellow, blue, or red. Use monochromatic colors to create the feeling of elegance and luxury. Minimalism is a beneficial trend to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Customized Content

Your website should reflect convenience, accessibility, and customizability of everything that you offer. The interface and layout should be customizable as well. You can add geolocation to help people understand that they live close to your company. You can also add an option of browsing the client’s history of visiting your site to see their current needs and requests. You will also be able to customize your offers to clients’ needs and browsing habits. Their experience will become more personal, so if they are satisfied with your services, they will return to your site.

3D Visuals

3D has been a trend in web design since it appeared. Realistic images attract a lot of attention and provide a positive experience. If your brand deals with modern technologies, the role of such images is indisputable.

Make your 3D visuals as bright and crisp as possible. They should be easy to access and see, and created in high resolution. Be careful about their correspondence to your brand. Such images do not work for every brand. It depends on what you have to offer to your clients.

Large 3D pictures are especially helpful and appreciated in headers and at the top of the web page (you can use hero-like formats). Do not utilize too many 3D images, though, especially when the page is not very large. It is better to scatter them all over the entire website.

Bold and Colorful Visuals

Customers’ experience of visiting your website will be brighter if you use such bold colors as yellow, orange, or red. They are perfect for both flat and 3G images, hero icons, and headers. These colors develop the atmosphere of joy and satisfaction, so you can freely experiment with them.

Inclusive Designs and Content

Your site can become more accessible and functional when your design is inclusive. The site’s UI should be as simple and easy to navigate as possible. People will feel connected if the content relates to them and the fonts are easy to read and they are the same as your brand uses. You can also use a lot of white space to highlight the images that are important to users.

The content needs to be user-friendly and understandable to people. You need to know that if you directly refer to a person in the straightforward and understandable language, they will perceive your marketing efforts faster and become more responsive and loyal.For instance, you can refer to people’s safety concerns during the pandemic by showing the people in your office wearing masks.

However, even if you want to reach the goal of being completely inclusive, you do not need to overwhelm people with this approach and never try to meet the expectations of everyone. There will always be people who don’t like what you are doing, and you should not cater to their dissatisfaction. Concentrate on those who want to know more about your company and use your products in the future.

Outlandish Imagery

Your company’s identity should be memorable because there are so many different offers on the market nowadays. You can use unusual images to attract attention. It depends on your business’s goals and products as well. Some images will not be appropriate if you, for example, provide accounting services. You can also use viral videos, instead because they may be perceived as typical.

You can utilize weird illustrations, specific photographs, and a strange layout if you want to stand out from the crowd. They will impress your users and make them come back to your site again.

However, you should be very careful about the choice of such outlandish imagery. Don’t let it become a part of your brand because, if you are always associated with something strange, your offers may not seem reliable enough.

All in all, you can experiment with unusual images a bit and see whether they work well for your target audiences. If you don’t see much improvement, it is better to come back to a more traditional layout.

Black&White Designs

Black and white is a classical combination of colors. This style can be compatible with many wonderful design elements, such as logos, illustrations, or backgrounds. You can showcase your products and services in the most favorable aspect. This design is great for companies that do not need or cannot use bright colors for their website. This style is classy and formal, so it does not work properly for many casual brands. For example, if your online store sells kids’ toys, this design will seem too plain and unattractive.

On the other hand, if your company deals with elegant clothing or interiors, black and white will help you feature the best qualities of your products or services. It is also great for creating modern looks and sharp contrasts.

Are Gradients Outdated in 2022?

If you feel that your website design is dull or outdated, you may think about using gradients. These are hues of colors that make smooth transitions from one to another.

The opinion that using gradients in web design is obsolete is not quite right. Actually, it is timeless. A lot of successful designers have been using them for ages and they do not lose their charm and vividness. Gradients supply additional dimensions, texture, and attractiveness to the site’s layout. You can use them for backgrounds, typography, icons, logos, and in many other cases.

Gradients are versatile. You can use them for both small and large images. You only need to be sure that they do not overshadow other images and parts of the page.

What Are the Web Design Trends for 2022?

What Are the Most Popular Types of Design in 2022?

The year 2022 is on the go. It has brought new trends and come back to the old ones in website design. The new trends need new design types. However, the best ones are those that combine the present and past trends and look ahead to the future.

Memphis Design

This type of designing aesthetics was pretty popular in the 1980s. It features a mix of many chaotically chosen shapes and patterns. This is highly appreciated because it opposes minimalistic hi-tech approaches. It makes any website design motley, bright, and adventurous.

If you know that most websites in your field use minimalistic design, this type will work well to draw users’ attention and become memorable in the minds of your potential customers. If you hate uniformity and conformity, this type is the best one for your overall mission and goals. If you manage to express your personality and uniqueness of your company via this design, you are likely to be successful.

Typographic Hero Image

This type of design is usually applied to the first/main page of a website. It is meant to make a statement. Typography-led hero icons are very popular among designers nowadays.

These hero images can give some weight to your overall message as the first impression your visitors experience. These images are simultaneously simple and bold, and they can draw attention in a way the captivating newspaper headline does. They can also add much to the elegance of letter styles used on the website.

Retro Revolution

It seems that the Internet came to being centuries ago. No one remembers now how all that started. So, many web designers find inspiration in those first days of the WWW. The design of the first sites featured bright colors on the backgrounds, primitive robotic typefaces, and table-like layouts.

There is a trend nowadays to revive these layouts with the addition of modern developments and results of more than 30 years of experimental experience. During the 90s, a lot of bright graphics, colors, and excessive gimmicks were used to showcase the human advancements. There were no professional designers at that time, so there were no restrictions and regulations. So, modern designers see that period as a powerful source of inspiration due to its unlimited creativity.

Visible Borders

Sometimes, it is important for a web designer to create an illusion of clear and straightforward structure of all images and parts of content. In fact, it is not an illusion at all because the layout of a website is created on the basis of a grid and put together with the help of a specific code. Revealing this grid foundation with its borders and frames makes up a unique type of website design in 2022.

There are some benefits when you can see how one section of the web page is separated from the other. The page looks simple and easy to look through. In addition, those borders provide the vibes of old school and retro approaches that were used in the 1990s.

Engaging Interactives

Since technological development is in progress now, there is a need for new types of design and approaches that can keep up with the immense pace of all advancements. Different types of animations that were normally used only for hero sections in the past, now appear everywhere on the sites. Designers in 2022 are looking for ways of using large-scale animations that could interact with visitors.

The interactive animations can help scroll the page, drag images, swipe the texts while searching, and carry out many other functions.

Designers use all their creativity to make these animations as engaging as possible. So, it is sometimes difficult to understand how the page works when you see a strange black cube following the cursor. Therefore, if you opt for something new, you can use this type of website design but be careful not to overuse it.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Design in 2022?

Final Thoughts

All in all, what is the latest trend in website design? Is it coming back to the retro images and animations of the past? Or can it be the minimalistic high-tech images of the future? It is difficult to answer this question. Digital designers should always pave the way to change and develop the website designs that will feel fresh and unique.

We have discussed why it is important to always redesign your company’s website and how you can do it for its best usability and approachability. You can consider the 10 trends of modern website design and types of images related to them described in this article. Or you may want to look for some others, or even fully rely on the creativity and artistic taste of your web designer.

Web design nowadays is on the boundary between the present and the future. Using mobile versions and specific design for them is pretty helpful if you want to get more customers and conversions. Large screens of the future will also require specific forms and types of design. So, there are no limits to perfection, creativity, and further development.

Final Thoughts


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