Top Mobile Applications on Google Play in 2022

Top Mobile Applications on Google Play in 2022

15 Feb 2023

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Google Play Best Games of 2022 and Other Top Apps

The Google Play Store started as Android Market on the 22nd of October, 2008, with only thirteen applications. To compare, there will be over 2.68 million apps in the Store in 2022.

Nevertheless, such an overwhelming number of games and apps is absolutely confusing for users. Finding the ideal software for business or play may take time. Even the best programs may be identified afterwards. That is why Google decided on the “Best Of” awards in 2016 to draw users’ attention to clearly outstanding top mobile applications and games.

The award nomination tasks imply the users’ direct participation in defining books, TV shows, movies, and apps. Play Store editors can also make up their own lists. As a result, the mixture of expert and consumer opinions does not allow the public to skip truly valuable new developments.

Developers of all levels have also got an opportunity to be recognized. They are rewarded for their creativity and unique skills implemented in the most sophisticated and well-appreciated top applications for mobile.

Therefore, it's the 10th anniversary of the Google Play launch, celebrated in 2022. It was in 2012 when Google Play united different categories and platforms under one roof. They were Google Music, Google Market, Google Movies, and other applications meant for the entertainment industry.

This year, Google Play’s Users’ Choice awards marked the most appreciated and trending users’ content. The winner was selected via a very simple process. Compatible devices allowed users to log in and browse content. Voting took place from November 1-14. Results were released on November 30.

Best Applications for Chromebook, Best Continuing, Best Narrative, and more were introduced this year by Google. It also removed such categories as Popular on Google TV and Game Changers. They also altered their procedure for the winner presentation. Now, Google announces one winner in each category and makes honorable mentions of the apps that are truly worth your attention.

Here, we want to consider the top mobile applications on Google Play awarded in 2022.

Gaming apps are usually ranked at the top among all Android applications due to the revenue they provide. By September 2022, they accounted for the 7th top position out of 10 other spots.

Play Store editors have decided on the winner of the Best Game of 2022 award, and Google has defined the Users’ Choice Game of 2022. Let’s look at the results.

Apart from game app solutions for Android, Google decided to make a choice of the best applications related to physical and mental healthcare, self-education, planning, and personal growth. These apps are appreciated for their creativity and a strong vibe of “know yourself” and “develop yourself” messages.

Google has paid more attention to apps that care about users in their everyday life. Therefore, the Google Play market has chosen the winners in eight other categories. They are the following.

1. Best for Everyday Essentials: planners, trackers, calming helpers, and plant monitoring software. Plant Parent is a winner here, and Daily Diary, Book Morning Routine Waking Up, and Sleep Tracker are mentioned as honorable.

2. Best Hidden Gems: apps meant for social media, recovery, and meal planning. Recover Athletics is a winner, and Wamble, Little Lunches, and Linktree are honorable nominates.

3. Best Apps for Good: meditation, mental health, and digital well-being. The STIGMA App is a winner, and Zario and Sleep Fruits have become nominates.

4. Best Apps for Wear OS: it is the Android system for smartwatches and other wearable devices. Todoist is the best app in this category.

5. Best for Personal Growth: apps for focusing attention, learning languages, calming down, self-improvement, and learning how to play musical instruments. The winner this year is Breathwrk, and the nominates are Ukulele by Yousician, Duolingo ABC, and Gym Log & Workouts.

6. Best Apps for Fun: you can find apps for entertainment, workouts, and note-taking in this category. The winner is PetStar, and honorable mentions are given to Note It Widget and DanceFitMe.

7. Best Apps for Tablets: the category includes examples of apps developed uniquely for use on tablets. Pocket is a winner here.

8. Best Apps for Chromebooks: it is a new category for nominating apps developed specifically for Chromebooks. BandLab is a winner here.

You need to know that applications developed for everyday use require great functionality and high-quality UI and UX design, with an attractive appearance and user-friendly interface. The winners meet all these demands.

The winner chosen by Google Play for everyday use is Dream by WOMBO. This application is meant for the creation of pieces of art. It uses artificial intelligence, and everyone can use it to create masterpieces in different art styles based on keywords and reference images. The AI combines the entered data to release a completely unique picture.

The best apps of 2022 chosen by users include Dream by WOMBO, Ukulele by Yousician, Sleep Tracker, DanceFitMe, PicCollage, Note It Widget, Daily Diary, Breathwrk, and Be Real. Be Real is a great way to share bright experiences, travels, and memories with your loved ones in real-time.

Google Play Best Games of 2022 and Other Top Apps

Best Android Games of 2022

Android apps enjoy more popularity among users than iOS apps, so the audience of Android games is wider. Google Play defined 8 game award categories in 2022, and 5 Google Play best games of 2022 in each of them are the following.

1. Multiplayer games where players can interact. The winner is Dislyte, and the other four best games are Catalyst Black, Rocket League Sideswipe, Apex Legends Mobile, and Diablo Immortal.

2. Best Story is a new nomination where players are placed in different situations that can end in various outcomes depending on the player’s decisions. The winner is Papers, Please, and the other four nominates are Inua-A Story in Ice and Time, DEEMO II, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, and The Secret of Cat Island.

3. Best on Play Pass is also a relatively new nomination introduced in 2019 allowing subscribers to play a limited number of games without ads or in-app purchases. The benefits of such an app development solution are obvious and appreciated by users. The winner is Very Little Nightmares, and the nominates indicated by Google are Final Fantasy VII, Path of Giants, Bridge Constructor, and Line light.

4. Best for Chromebooks, one more new category featuring cloud gaming options. Such games provide an excellent gaming experience with high-resolution screens and RGB anti-ghosting keyboards. The winner is Roblox, and the number of such top-notch options is constantly increasing.

5. Indie Games represent exceptional approaches to design and overall gameplay from indie developers. The winner here is Dicey Dungeons, and the other nominates are One Hand Clapping, Dungeons of Dreadrock, Phobias, and Knotwords.

6. Pick Up & Play Games with their easily understandable controls, simple layouts, and clear objectives. Angry Birds Journey is a winner this year, alongside four other honorable mentions of HOOK 2, Quadline, Gun & Dungeons, and Hyde and Seek.

7. Best Ongoing, which is an already mentioned new category for the games whose new versions constantly appear or are supported by enhancements or tournaments. The game of the year Android represents is Genshin Impact, and the honorable nominates are Garena Free Fire, Roblox, Candy Crush Saga, and Pokemon GO.

8. Best for Tablets, which are specifically created for these devices, for instance, to be played in the Galaxy Tab series. Tower of Fantasy is the winner in this category, with honorable mentions of Papers, Please, Angry Birds Journey, Diablo Immortal, and Catalyst Black.

Among all the games in 2022, Google Play chose Apex Legends Mobile. This game is a multiplayer squad-based battle royale. It features various characters. You can choose them depending on your level, style, or preference.

Google also introduced a list of games for User’s Choice in November 2022. The list includes such well-known names as Apex Legends Mobile, Gun & Dungeons, Dislyte, Diablo Immortal, Tower of Fantasy Rocket League Sideswipe, My Hero Ultra Impact, Kingdom Maker, and Ni no Kuni: Cross-Worlds. Users also named Apex Legends Mobile as the best game in 2022. This game is true of the highest quality, with astonishing graphics based on Unreal4, exceptional opportunities for controlled customization, and the high-grade comfort of the entire gameplay.

Best Android Games of 2022

Final Thoughts

Therefore, due to the advanced mobile development efforts, the best Android games of 2022 collection was enriched by truly top-notch games with the perfect graphics providing the most stunning user experience.

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Final Thoughts


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