What Is a Landing Page and Why Is It Incredibly Important?

What Is a Landing Page and Why Is It Incredibly Important?

03 Oct 2022

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Anna Ivanova

Project Manager

What Is a Landing Page and Why Is It Incredibly Important?

Your company’s website may look great because you have put a lot of effort and costs into it. Since it is properly optimized for search engines, you have a lot of visitors. However, you have one severe issue - your visitors do not convert into leads. The best way to improve the situation is to create one or even several landing pages either yourself or by ordering them from reputable landing page development services.

Unfortunately, the dramatic role of landing pages in generating conversions and leads is underestimated by most marketers from even the biggest companies. If you work for a B2B company, there is a chance that about 45% of clicks on the main page will be redirected to the homepages of your partnering businesses. You will see a lot of information there, so the efficiency of your work and business offers you produce will approach zero. So, landing pages can help a lot because they are always targeted at specific audiences, so the business proposal will reach its goal in almost 70% of cases.

Therefore, marketers should consider creating landing pages for their campaigns, new products, interesting offers, and target audiences. Now, let’s discuss in detail what a landing page is and why it is so incredibly important for lead generation.

What Is a Landing Page and Why Is It Incredibly Important?

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a specific page on the website that is aimed at the target audience or its part. Its visitors can learn from it about a concrete offer or product in detail and use a lead form to acquire this product or service.

Landing pages very often support marketing campaigns and product promotions. If you have an online workshop and want more people to visit it, you should order a landing page design and development targeted at the audience you are expecting at this workshop.

Therefore, an effective landing page needs some specific front-end elements to work properly for your needs. They are:

1. A headline. It is the first thing your visitors will see, so the headline should be pretty clear and concise to answer the question, “What can I obtain from here?”

2. An image. It attracts attention and adds more appeal and interest to the page and product it promotes.

3. A copy. It is the term for the text on a landing page. It should show visitors why the offer is valuable for them, what problems it can solve, and what kind of takeaways they can receive. It should be very clear and concise, and using bullet points is the best way to make the text succinct. The list should highlight the benefits of the product or service and convince people to convert.

4. Keywords. They should be present in a title, headers, and within the text to let search engines find the landing page and show it at the first positions to users.

5. A lead form. People are unlikely to convert if they see a lot of form fields to complete. Use only the name and email address fields to maximize conversions.

6. Buttons or links for sharing on social media. Make it easier for visitors to share the landing page with their contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It will extend the reach of the page and its availability to wider audiences for more conversions and leads.

7. No (or hidden) navigation. Your landing page does not need any additional top or side menus, links to other pages or websites, etc. If users see such links or menus, they may use them and quit this page because they will get interested in what is under these links. This distraction can prevent people from converting, so keep focused only on your offer and CTA.

8. One CTA only. If you put more than one CTAs on your landing page, your visitors will get confused and then hesitate to convert because they will be thinking about some other possible options.

Using JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS3 for the front-end development will help make the interactive potential of your landing page amazing. Ask your developer to choose the best programming language for the needs of your online business. It is better if you plan the page design before.

A ‘thank you’ page is an important follow-up to the landing page. When users accept the offer, they need to receive the confirmation and some additional information on it. The ‘thank you’ page needs to provide them with a whitepaper or the login details for their further actions.

You have to test your page after it is created to find out what parts of it and techniques used for the landing page development are the most effective. So, you can see whether a video, infographics, or text are the most potent in your case. Or what button colors and CTA formats work better. That is why you should test the landing page regularly because your audience’s needs and preferences may change a bit over time.

How Does a Landing Page Operate?

Now, it is important to see how the landing page works to better understand its importance. If your developer used proper backend and front-end techniques, the page will operate really smoothly. Let’s take the following scenario as an example.

Suppose you have a computer repair business. Your services include a lot of professional jobs to fix, maintain, and support your clients’ hardware and software. As a marketer, you have a special blog for your business where you explain the technical details related to computer maintenance and repair. You also have some marketing offers, such as online video guides, webinars, and ‘How To’ tips-and-tricks presentations.

Now, suppose that a freelance mother of very young kids who cannot leave them without care even for a while has an issue with downloading apps or extensions for her web design work. She enters the request of ‘How to download this extension’ in the search engine tab and comes across your blog. The article here explains ‘What the Best Extensions for Web Design in 2022 Are’. She reads the article and when she comes to its bottom, the woman sees a CTA (call-to-action) which is actually an advert of one of the web design extensions you have described in the article or lead to a free consultation on how to install this extension on a computer. The lady decides that it is exactly what she was looking for and clicks the CTA. Therefore, she arrives at the landing page where she can download the extension or get a free consultation on how to install web design extensions on her computer.

Therefore, it is vitally important for a business marketer to create as many landing pages as possible, optimize them for the website, blog, and search engines, and make it easier for potential customers to find, understand, and use them. Proper use of Next.js for creating the framework for React JavaScript library will help a developer to create the most optimized and smoothly working page.

What Is a Landing Page?

Benefits of Landing Pages

If you need some more facts to ensure that landing pages are important for your business, let’s consider the following benefits they can provide:

1. Your website will get more conversions and leads. Landing pages are focused on one offer or promotional campaign, and they are targeted at specific audiences.

2. You will obtain important data using the analytics, if the back-end software operation is aimed at this. They let you see what marketing techniques work better for your audiences and which channels they use to provide you with more traffic and conversions.

3. Development of targeted content plays a significant role as well as the front-end development for it. You can become more specific with the language, images, and messages that work best for your target audiences.

4. Collecting demographic information becomes much easier than it has ever been before. Your marketing team can receive important data from the conversion forms completed by the prospect leads. You will understand better what types of users are looking for your products and services, what their needs and issues are, and what they may be expecting from your business in the future.

5. You can track reconversions of existing leads. In this way, you will be able to formulate the prospects for your business based on your leads’ further activities on your website. You can use this information for modifying your sales process.

6. The audience extension on social media can cause an increase in interest in your products and services and boost conversions and leads. You can arrange further marketing campaigns aimed at these users and their contacts, send them dedicated emails and link your offers to PPC ads that are easier to find in organic search.

In addition, you will get an overall idea about the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. When you track and analyze the metrics related to your existing landing pages by using libraries and back-end features, you will obtain an overall idea about your marketing performance. That will allow you to optimize and improve your marketing approaches.

Benefits of Landing Pages

Final Thoughts

Therefore, keep in mind that your website needs landing pages to make your business more effective. The more landing pages you develop, the more chances will be to convert your website’s visitors into leads and the more benefits your company will get.

Marketing teams should know why a landing page is an important part of the company’s online promotion and what benefits it can provide. We hope that we have persuaded you of the importance of introducing landing pages.

Another question that we tried to answer here is about how a landing page works. It is essential to understand because you need specific tools and software for effective landing page development. All the instruments for front-end and back-end development are available nowadays. So, do not wait for days or weeks, but find a webmaster or IT resource to develop landing pages for you. They can do that in minutes, and you will gain a lot from this development.

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