FitKonnekt is the live, peer-to-peer, digital fitness training mobile app platform, composed of everyday people, fitness enthusiasts, and fitness professionals, all training, chatting, and connecting together online.
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About FitKonnekt App

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    Designed specifically for use with Bluetooth headphones, the Fitkonnekt Interval Training Portal provides an immersive digital workout experience. The on-screen “interval timer”, “audible beeps”, and “exercise name” displayed on-screen, will serve as your Trainer.

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    We developed a very flexible workout flow where you can be a trainer or participant. App allows to perform HIIT, TABATA, and EMOM interval workouts with your buddies in training sessions ranging from fifteen minutes to one hour in duration.

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    We collect all the information and keep it in the profile section for the user's convenience. You may see the workout history, upcoming workouts, workout buddies and one-to-one chats in one place.



MAVINX design team worked on the full branding package for the FitKonnekt project.

The logo represents F letter in the interesting shape and agressive red color.


MontserratNoto Sans


Black is a really good backdrop colour for Red, this combimation represents a fitness mood for the hard workout. In the app we use Red for main elements on the screens, CTA buttons, contrast and illustrated elements. The Black was used for typography and White was implemented mainly for the backgrounds.

Fitkonnect custom illustration

App icon

Custom illustration for the app icon seemed to be very interesting solution. We painted this image trying to represent the fitness app idea that works for everyone.

Business Card

The business cards are a standard element of the brandbook package.

We decided to add QR code that leads to the landing page of the project when you scan it from your phone.

Fitkonnect business card

Custom Merch

Fitkonnect merch t-shirt
Fitkonnect merch cap
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Application Screens

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fitkonnect app user info
fitkonnect app calendar
fitkonnect app workout history
fitkonnect app create workout
fitkonnect app search workout

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