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About the project

Wait for the big day with this Hera app. Choose your due date, set your own pregnancy goals and health info, and get the weekly information about your pregnancy and baby development progresses. Play with 3D model of your baby every week; browse more than 1,000 pregnancy articles and useful tips; follow the specialised workouts for pregnant women, yoga and stretching; cook healthy recipes and enjoy this special period.

Core features

  • Home service

    User roles

    While the app development, our team was working on 3 user flows: pregnant woman, mom of the newborn and woman that faced pregnancy loss.

  • Home service

    Admin panel

    The app mostly consists of the content that is uploaded via admin panel: recipes, workouts and yoga videos, healthcare tips, articles and images.

  • Home service


    • 3D baby model
    • custom-built admin panel
    • custom character painted in 82 illustrations

Baby development

Our team has integrated the 3D baby model so every woman could see lifelike interactive movements and kicks for a realistic representation of what’s happening right inside that growing belly.

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development development development

Personalised Workouts

Fitness video workouts splitted into exercises, reps and rest intervals, yoga full size videos and stretching tips with illustrations - all these represents a FitHub section of the Hera app. Heras workouts are specifically designed to prepare you for baby birth and recovery. Once your baby has arrived, Hera will stay with you throughout your postpartum journey with the special rehabilitation program.

Stage Specific Nutrition Plan

In the Kitchen block of the app you'll find 3 weekly recipes with the meal images, preparation method and grocery list where you can mark the missing ingredients. Hera has created nutrient dense, stage specific meals, snacks and smoothies that will support you and your baby’s development.

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development development development


Tips, tricks and advice; Hera’s blog will be your best friend. From what to put in your hospital bag to perineal massage to how to encourage your baby’s development. Hera has everything you need at your fingertips.

80+ custom illustrations

The tips for pregnancy, postnatal and baby loss periods were described and painted in 82 illustrations.


Сustom admin panel was designed and developed so the admins could upload and organise a bunch of content, assign meals, workouts, healthcare information, articles and tips for every week of woman's period.

admin page


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