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Over the past 4 years our MAVINX team delivered 10 digital solutions for Real Estate that assist agents in their sales process or allow clients to discover properties they are looking for.

dashboard for the landlords

This property management dashboard is created to provide its owners with the status reports of their properties at any given time. They could use the app to collect the statistics about the properties, when rent is due and check the advanced analytics of their business.

Components delivered:
  • logic Creation of the new logic and process automation
  • disign UX/UI design
  • database Database integration
  • website Web app


This is the home searching app where you may find a place to live by entering the criteria such as location, price, quantity of rooms, parking and other. In the search results you may view the details about the property you like and contact seller directly via the app.

Components delivered:
  • logic Business analysis and prototype
  • disign Branding and app design
  • database iOS mobile app
  • website Web admin panel

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Smart Home website

Smart Home is a web platform where you can find Smart Apartment according to your needs at any area. The main challenge here was to set the complex of the algorithms to show you the best offers based on the analysis of your previous search results.

Components delivered:
  • logic UML diagram and Technical Specification
  • disign Search results analysis and creation of the smart algorithms
  • database UX/UI design and Branding
  • website Web based platform

Our clients

  • They really like to satisfy the client as much as possible ... I'm a pretty picky IT engineer, so they needed some time to get to know what I wanted, but we were successful. And they will work on the comments and update the app till the customer is completely satisfied.

    Marina Shumaieva

    Co-Founder of the CruiseBe company
  • It was perfect. Communications, scheduling was fast and in time. We set up calls, contacting in advance and always did everything in time or discussed the changes in advance. They know their job. I got a lot of advice from them. They stayed within budget.

    Ievgeniia Nasinyk

    Co-Founder of BalloonPoster project
  • Mavinx successfully launched the apps, which resulted in numerous publisher contracts being signed. It generated an impressive content base and more than 50,000 users. The engagement was streamlined and stress-free; the team was on time and communicative.

    Aleksandr Eisbrecher

    Director and Founder of Mobiz
  • I have been working with Ruslan and his team since 2014. During this period of time, we jointly released several mobile projects. I hope to continue our alliance with this reliable and responsive team of professionals for many years.

    Igor Pogoraev

    Founder of Bestflix

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